Checklist when choosing an MVHR system

MVHR ventilation with heat recoveryIt can be very confusing trying to choose the right MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) system for your project.  MVHR is still a relatively new technology in the UK and still something of an unknown quantity. Here is a handy checklist to help you sift through the myriad of MVHR suppliers.

Is the ducting system offered robust and long-lasting?

Replacing a ducting system would be a time-consuming and messy business so we advocate investing in the highest quality system available. At Green Building Store we will guide you to the most appropriate system, but we usually favour the use of rigid spiral wound steel ducting because of its longevity and performance.

Does your MVHR system design include?:

  • Acoustic modelling: Ask MVHR suppliers if they can provide sound data at each air valve in each room at the design stage. 
  • Air pressure modelling: Ask MVHR suppliers if they can provide pressure loss data for the MVHR system

Green Building Store’s MVHR Design Service includes both, as standard. This offers peace of mind that the system will be virtually inaudible and running as efficiently as possible.


Does your MVHR system supplier have experience of working on Passivhaus and low energy projects?

Green Building Store is nationally recognised for its expertise in designing, supplying and commissioning MVHR systems for Passivhaus and low energy projects. As well as offering MVHR Design, we also offer Passivhaus consultancy and have our own Passivhaus building team. Read our case studies to see the range of projects we have worked on since 2009, from Community Centres and Cohousing schemes to  Passivhaus retrofit projects.

Will you be supported through Installation and Commissioning of the MVHR system?

Green Building Store offers an Approved Installer scheme and offers detailed labelled drawings and parts to aid installation, allowing it to be done by a competent self-builder. Throughout installation, our MVHR team are on hand to answer any queries over the phone. Following complete installation of the system on site, one of our commissioning engineers will visit site to set up the system to be operating as designed. .

Is your MVHR supplier willing to put you in touch with previous clients who can testify to the MVHR system’s quietness in operation?

Green Building Store can do this, as well as pointing to a number of Passivhaus architects who use us regularly for the MVHR systems for their projects.

MVHR case studies


Green Building Store’s MVHR Design Service is qualitatively different to others on the market, which is the reason we charge a design fee. The fee ensures you get an MVHR system that really does work quietly, efficiently and healthily …

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