Passivhaus barn conversion, Somerset

PPassivhaus barn conversion, Somerset with ULTRA triple glazed timber windows and doors. Image credit: Brett Charles Photography.

An agricultural farm building converted into a Passivhaus certified home through ‘box within a box’ timber frame construction inside the existing building.

20th April 2022

Passivhaus selfbuild, Herefordshire

PROGRESSION windows and ULTRA Lift & Slide door at Passivhaus selfbuild Herefordshire

A Passivhaus corrugated metal-clad 3 bed ‘upside-down’ house has been designed by Architect-clients and features PROGRESSION windows, ULTRA doors and an MVHR system from Green Building Store.

1st March 2022

Shepherds Barn EnerPHit Plus

Shepherds Barn EnerPHit Credit Mark Siddall

Retrofit barn conversion, to the EnerPHit (Passivhaus retrofit) standard, which achieved an airtightness result of 0.18 ACH @50Pa and involved constructing a timber frame structure inside the original barn building.

8th January 2022

Whole house retrofit, Cambridgeshire

Save Money My Beautiful Green Home

A hands-on DIY deep retrofit was recently highlighted in Episode 3 of ITV’s series ‘Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home’ and featured triple glazed windows & doors and MVHR from Green Building Store.

1st November 2021

Reform Cottage EnerPHit, Herefordshire

Reform Cottage EnerPHit with ULTRA triple glazed windows and doors

Retrofit Consultant Gervase Mangwana has undertaken a retrofit to the EnerPHit (Passivhaus retrofit) standard on his own home in Herefordshire.

5th October 2021

Caxton House Community Centre, Islington

Green Building Store PERFORMANCE tripled glazed timber windows at Caxton House Community Centre

Green Building Store supplied and installed 45 PERFORMANCE triple glazed timber windows as part of low carbon improvements at the Caxton House Community Centre based in Islington, North London.

13th September 2021

Low energy selfbuild, Suffolk

Green Building Store alu-clad ULTRA triple glazed windows and doors Newbuild Suffolk

Green Building Store’s ULTRA triple glazed timber alu-clad windows and doors were chosen for a low energy selfbuild project in Suffolk.

2nd September 2021

Low energy retrofit, Dumfries & Galloway

65. This photo was taken in November 2019. The lovely window reflects the view I look out onto in the window itself. The frames are actually much more pink, the colour of which is lost in the beautiful late afternoon November sunshine [as is the pink sandstone of the walls, or just my old camera!]. Submitted by Alex J, Scotland

Low energy retrofit of a Victorian property, featuring Green Building Store’s triple glazed timber windows and doors, finished in a striking pink colour to complement the pink sandstone.

7th July 2021

ECOgon building, Ipswich

Dodecogon at Brickmarkers' Wood

Green Building Store supplied its ULTRA triple glazed timber windows and doors for a beautiful and unique timber frame newbuild 12-sided building, designed for the Eden-Rose Coppice Trust charity, set within Brickmakers Wood in central Ipswich.

21st May 2021

Treetops Passivhaus, Forest of Dean

ULTRA triple glazed timber windows and doors at Tree Tops Passivhaus selfbuild project

Newbuild Passivhaus timber frame home, designed and built by Passiframe to a tight budget. Green Building Store supplied the ULTRA triple glazed windows and doors for the project.

6th May 2021

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