Golcar Passivhaus

Golcar Passivhaus at dusk

Newbuild cavity wall Passivhaus, following many of the design details of our original cavity wall Passivhaus project at Denby Dale, but with a few notable differences/ evolutions.

  • Newbuild cavity wall construction
  • 296m2 three storey 4 bed house
  • Mostly rectangular in form with a bay window.

Newbuild cavity wall construction 296 m2 three storey 4 bed house in Golcar, Huddersfield. It is mostly rectangular in form with a small kink in it and a bay window. It follows many of the design details of our first cavity wall Passivhaus – the Denby Dale Passivhaus – but with a few notable differences/ evolutions of the original detailing for Denby Dale.

The design for the house was based on an  original design passed by planning two years ago for clients wanting an ‘eco home’ built in their garden. The original designs was put through PHPP (Passive House Planning Package software) and played around with the different build elements to cost engineer the project, with the only major change to the plans being turning the orientation of the building south, as opposed to the original orientation to the west. Some windows had to be removed from the north side.

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UK Passivhaus Awards 2016


Constructing Excellence Yorkshire & Humber 2015


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