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Green Building Store’s consultancy service offers a range of consultancy services for building professionals to help projects meet low energy building standards, such as Passivhaus, EnerPHit and AECB. Our extensive experience means we can give full technical support for your project with an emphasis on simplicity of design, pragmatic solutions and buildability.

Technical expertise

Bill Butcher, Director, Green Building Store

Our team, led by Director Bill Butcher, has developed expertise in low energy building , from the pioneering Denby Dale and Golcar Passivhaus projects through to radical retrofit projects such as the multi award-winning Cre8 Barn EnerPHit project.

Working with the team of Passivhaus consultants and building physicists at our sister company Enhabit, we can ensure your project performs as designed.


Choose a service suited to your expertise and objectives:Green Building Store consultancy flow chart

A. Design review

Review of your early stage drawings/ plans looking at:

Drawing on our Passivhaus building expertise, the review would look at:

  • Objectives of the newbuild/retrofit project and priorities
  • Overall building design/retrofit plans
  • Options for materials, products & services
  • Risks around moisture
  • Cost and buildability

The design review usually involves a 2 hour meeting in person or via Skype. We will have studied your project plans, images and key questions in advance. The review would ideally involve both architect/building professional and client.

Typical costs: 2 hour meeting @ £300 + VAT (for remote sessions over the computer the charge is £350 + VAT)

B. Performance review with Design PH

Design PH (an add on to the Passivhaus Planning Package) enables you to assess the impact of your design choices on energy use. We would provide you with a report on the expected energy performance of the building,  with the option of looking at the effect of different design permutations eg more (or less) insulation, window specification options, different opening sizes and locations. Modelling a project inDesign PH can also help evaluate the costs of different approaches to meet Passivhaus and low energy performance levels. Green Building Store’s Design PH report enables you to assess:

  • What heating would be needed?
  • What is the overheating risk?
  • What changes are worth considering?
  • How does the existing design match Passivhaus requirements or your project’s objectives?


C. Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP)

PHPP is some of the most robust building software available, allowing our experts to help you design buildings offering exceptional levels of comfort and energy savings. Our PHPP service is ideal for architectural practices that are looking to outsource their PHPP modelling.


D. PHPP for Passivhaus certification

Passivhaus certification provides quality control at design and build stages. It is rigorous, but assures building performance. We offer a package of support to facilitate building certification to either Passivhaus or EnerPHit standards, depending on whether your project is newbuild or retrofit. This can involve just creating the final PHPP model and submission of information to a Passivhaus certifier, or can also include design advice by incorporating other elements of our consultancy offer.

E. Peer review of PHPP

We also offer a peer review service for your PHPP. Our experienced PHPP practitioner Paul Smith provides a second pair of eyes to examine your PHPP spreadsheet and query any unexpected entries.


We can also provide SAP modelling, in conjunction with PHPP, if required.

Denby Dale Passivhaus PHPP

WUFI hygrothermal modelling

Moisture build-up and interstitial condensation are a growing concern for retrofit and even newbuild projects. We can advise on detailing and the most suitable building materials to avoid problems with moisture build-up, for example internal wall insulation for retrofit projects, using WUFI hygrothermal modelling where required.

Wufi hygrothermal modelling

2D thermal bridge analysis

Thermal bridges in highly insulated buildings contribute an additional heat loss from a building’s fabric of up to 30% and also create a risk of condensation and mould growth. We can review building details and suggest modifications or alternative options to design out any thermal bridges. We also offer 2D Thermal Bridge Analysis to calculate psi values where required.

Reducing thermal bridging "D Thermal Bridge Analysis

Working with Enhabit

In addition to our practical building experience, we can draw on the extensive technical knowledge of the Building Physicists and Passivhaus certified Designers and Consultants at our sister company Enhabit. We use our in-depth knowledge of the exemplar Passivhaus methodology to help deliver the best performance to any level of build.

The Building Physics & Building Services team at Enhabit offers a broad range of knowledge and skillsets, to ensure we can cover all aspects of any project.


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