Pro Clima Intello Plus Intelligent vapour check and airtight membrane

Intelligent vapour check and airtight membrane from Pro Clima.


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  • Outstanding protection against structural damage and mould
  • For pitched roofs, flat roofs, walls, ceilings and floors
  • Easy to apply, no splicing or tear propagation
  • Complete airtightness system with all necessary adhesive agents
  • Provides optimum protection for all thermal insulation systems in roofs, walls and floors.
  • Offers high diffusion tightness in winter and maximum diffusion openness in summer.
  • In winter, its high diffusion resistance provides ideal protection for the building’s structure against condensation.
  • In summer, its low diffusion resistance facilitates rapid drying.
  • Translucent, easy to install, fully recyclable.
  • Offers the ideal solution to structures that are difficult to protect against condensation e.g. flat roofs, flexible metal sheeting, etc.
  • Provides lasting protection from mould growth, which protects the health of the occupants and structural durability.
  • Meets with the durability requirements of EN 13984. Has a very high nail tear resistance due to reinforcing layer
Material/s Membrane: polyethylene copolymer; Fleece and reinforcement layer: polypropylene
Vapour  resistance (humidity variable) 1.28 MNs/g > 125 MNs/g
Temperature resistance -40C to +80C
 Fire Rating  E
Roll Width 1.5 metres
Roll Length 20 metres and 50 metres
3rd party accreditation NSAI, CE
Colour  White
Usage Interior only



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