Which type of window?

Timber or Alu-clad?

New design for PERFORMANCE triple glazed timber window range with new Accoya drip railGreen Building Store offers both timber and alu-clad windows and doors.

For environmental and maintenance reasons Green Building Store recommends timber windows and the vast majority of its window options are timber.  However alu-clad is increasingly in demand among selfbuilders and architects and so now so Green Building Store has introduced alu-clad now as an option for its inward-opening PERFORMANCE and ULTRA windows.

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Window opening styles

Inward opening windows – Tilt & turn

tilt and turn window opening styleOffers two opening positions, with the tilt position ideal for ventilation. Capable of taking very large sash sizes – even up to door size. Easy to clean from the inside. Offers a very good means of escape. However, because it is inward opening window sills need to be kept clear  of ornaments etc

Inward opening windows – Tilt only

More cost-effective than tilt and turn windows. Offers a safe option, with no chance of falls from window. but, conversely, offers no means of escape. Can be fitted with remote controlled opening mechanisms. Smaller windows can be cleaned from the inside by de-coupling locking mechanism. Handles tend to be positioned high up.

Outward opening windows – Top hung

Top hung casement window opening styleTop hung outward opening windows avoid the issue of disturbing internal window sill ornaments, curtains, blinds etc. Can also take larger sash sizes than side hung options. They can also be fitted with remote controlled opening mechanisms and handles are lower down, making them good for accessibility. However, the window can only open up to 45 degrees and cannot be cleaned from the inside.

Outward opening windows – Side hung

Side hung casement window opening styleThe traditional window type in the UK, which also avoids the issue of disturbing internal window sill ornaments, curtains, blinds etc. Friction hinges help the opened window stay in place and – with easy clean hinges – can be cleaned from the inside.

Mock sliding sash windows

Sliding sash window opening styleA traditional window style that often is chosen to meet planning,  conservation and heritage requirements. Green Building Store supplies a  mock sliding sash inward opening tilt and turn window alternative which looks very like a sliding sash window but opens differently.

Arched/ raked/ circular windows


Fixed windows

All our window ranges are also available as fixed, non-opening windows. Fixed windows are a simple, cost-effective option that can use a larger area of glass than opening windows.


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