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Prince of Wales pub, BristolIncreased water demand and low levels of rainfall has resulted in some regions of the UK facing serious water shortages and bracing themselves for what the Environment Agency say could be the worst drought in 100 years. As more people look for ways to save water and cut rising water costs, a pub in Bristol is setting environmental and water-efficiency standards for other businesses across the country. The Prince of Wales, owned and managed by John and Anna Gorman, has always been famed for its friendly welcome and great food, now it’s quickly becoming known for its toilets as well!

John and Anna have always been keen to set environmental standards and have an eco friendly policy that runs throughout the business ranging from biodegradable bin bags and green electricity to a 100 per cent organic wine list. They even sell their own Organic Beer – Charlies Pride – and buy food from local producers, opting for free range and organic wherever possible.

Prince of Wales pub, BristolWhen the time came to refurbish the washrooms, John and Anna chose facilities that were as water and energy-efficient as possible without compromising on quality. They installed water-efficient ES4 toilets and Airflush waterless urinals from the Green Building Store, in order to save water and reduce running costs. It also meant that they avoided the use of expensive replacement cartridges, and eliminated bad odours.

John Gorman said, “I would recommend the Airflush urinal and the ES4 WC, particularly for buildings where the facilities are being used frequently. Apart from reducing water consumption they also save money so it makes good business sense. We’re really impressed with the new toilets and have had some really positive feedback from customers.”

 Dated: 21/05/2006

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Client: John and Anna Gorman, The Prince of Wales, Bristol, www.powbristol.co.uk Tel: 0117 9245552 or email [email protected]

21st May 2006

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