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Report on water efficiency trial at primary school

St Leonards School low flush toilet studyA recent report, published by Southern Water, East Sussex County Council and the Environment Agency, demonstrates the benefits of achieving water-efficiency through the installation of low-flush WCs. Toilet flushing accounts for up to a third of total domestic water consumption, so the use of low-flush WCs can offer significant water and cost savings. The project report outlines the details of a trial, funded by the EU, in which low-flush ES4 WCs were used in a primary school, to verify their water saving potential and performance.

The ES4 4.5 litre* WC was used to replace seven 9 litre toilets in St Leonards primary school in Hastings, and water usage was carefully monitored over several months. Measurements indicated an overall reduction of approximately 38% in the volume of water used for flushing in those units replaced during the trial. The performance standard of the new WCs was also much higher and bad smells and blockages disappeared, despite the vastly reduced flushing volumes. Previously, the school had also had to spend an average of £150 per month on unblocking drains and the high performance of the new toilets has allowed them to save this needless expense. The premises manager at St Leonards primary school reported that the new toilets were virtually maintenance-free, due to their robust design.

The results from the study indicate that ES4 toilets could contribute to significant reductions in water use if installed on a wider scale. Magda Styles, Southern Water’s Water Efficiency Manager said: “The project with St Leonards School has been a great success and we are delighted with the results.  The toilet uses approximately a third less water than other models available on the market and can halve the volume if used to replace older models.  This is ‘the’ water efficient toilet and we will be encouraging our customers to consider it when replacing their bathrooms.” 

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Performance Assessment of Low Volume Flush Toilets, St Leonard’s Middle School, Hastings, September 2004, East Sussex County Council, Environment Agency, Southern Water – download pdf

*NB Since this news release was published the flush volume of the ES4 WC has reduced even further to 4/ 2.6 litres.


28th January 2005

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