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Passivhaus Open Day

Once again, thanks to the generosity and hospitality of our wonderful clients, we were able to hold another busy Passivhaus Open Days (this time with an add-on Radical Retrofit Open Day), in Huddersfield this November. We estimate that around 180 visitors joined  us over the three days and we found the usual wide range of interest from would-be selfbuilders, to architecture and building students as well as a number of Passivhaus Designers.

As usual, we found the Open Days both tiring and enjoyable. We genuinely enjoy the Open Days as a way of spreading the Passivhaus love – a chance for visitors to experience that unique feeling of warmth, comfort and serenity that comes from Passivhaus. It is also uplifting to meet others who are interested and enthusiastic about Passivhaus and satisfying if we manage to turn some Passivhaus sceptics around! This year we combined the Open Days with some technical talks as a way of spreading the technical background  and so we didn’t all end up hoarse at the end of the Open Day tours. This year, there were three other houses to visit nearby in York, courtesy of Phil Bixby, which is a very positive development.

Thanks again to all our hosts and to our visitors for joining us and for all the lemon drizzle cake consumed, donations made (£170 to Shelter and £140 to Breast Cancer UK) and questions asked. Until next year!


Comments from 2017 Passivhaus Open Day visitors

Passivhaus Open Days 2017 at Denby Dale Passivhaus

“Thank you for opening your fantastic house. Love the large window and everything is so cosy and well thought out. “

“Congratulations on being in the vanguard of the most significant event to hit British Building!  We can’t wait to enjoy some of the benefits ourselves!”

” Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.  An inspirational visit. “

“I’ve learnt so much in the last hour. Very interesting.  Thank you for showing us round.”

” Thank you so much for inviting us into your home.  It has been very educational and I hope to take some of this knowledge forward in my current Architectural Technology studies. “

“Fantastic house! Very comfortable and airy, thanks very much for inviting me into your home and for the coffee and lovely lemon cake.”

“Enjoyable learning. I got a lot of information and inspiration in a very short time.”
“Very informative, interesting and inspiring to visit the Passivhauses.”

Passivhaus Open Days 2017 Golcar Passivhaus“We have been to many selfbuild exhibitions but nothing compares to seeing everything in situ.”

“You have been an inspiration in building, even before seeing it in the flesh – now more so!’

“Very comfortable, interesting house.”

“Beautiful home and extraordinary detail. Thank you for permitting a wonderful learning and inspirational opportunity.”

“It was my first visit to a Passivhaus and I feel inspired to find out more about this wonderful standard of building.”

“Beautiful home! Thank you for opening your house up to us! Given us motivation to build our own passive house.”


Chayley Collis, Green Building Store

Chayley Collis, Communications Manager, Green Building Store

4th December 2017

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