Public Toilets – Peak District National Park

AIRFLUSH® waterless urinals make public convenience a pleasure to use

Airflush urinal systemThe Peak District National Park, in conjunction with High Peak Borough Council, has installed AIRFLUSH® waterless urinals in a new public convenience in Castleton, a picturesque town in the heart of the Peak District. Two toilet blocks had to be replaced and Terry Redfern, specifier for High Peak council, was keen to build on their reputation as a ‘green’ council by using the most energy and water-efficient products available.

This was made possible with the use of the unique AIRFLUSH® urinal system, designed by water conservation specialists Elemental Solutions and supplied by Green Building Store. Unlike other urinals, the AIRFLUSH® urinal uses a low-energy fan and has an ergonomically designed bowl that keeps the urinals clean and hygienic, making them an obvious choice for busy public conveniences.

Since the refurbishment of the public convenience, the water usage has decreased from between 5-6 units of water per day, to only 3 units per day, thereby virtually halving water consumption. In addition to the significant environmental benefits provided by AIRFLUSH® urinals, Terry has also noticed that the toilet blocks have been completely odourless since the installation of the new urinals, making them a far more pleasant place to go!

Case study: 2005

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2nd May 2005

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