Pro Clima TESCON NO 1

Flexible multi-purpose adhesive tape for airtight bonds from Pro Clima. For internal and external use.






For advice on which airtightness product is best for your project, please contact us on 01484 461705.

  • Used to form a secure and permanent seal of overlaps between foil and fleece membranes (Intelligent vapour checks and airtightness membranes, roof underlays and wall membranes) and joins between such membranes and smooth, non-mineral surfaces.
  • TESCON No.1 is also suitable for sealing butt joints between wood-based panels such as OSB or MDF sub-roof panels or wood fibre softboards (e.g. Gutex) in combination with TESCON Primer RP.
  • Bonds overlaps between sheets of vapour check and joints between wood based panels (such as OSB), also seals service penetrations.
  • Offers high protection against piercing in corners due to its high elasticity.
  • With release paper.
  • Easy to tear by hand.
Material/s Acrylate which is free from solvents or softeners.
Temperature Resistance -40°C to 90ºC
Roll Width 6cms and 15cms
Roll Length 30 metres
Life Expectancy 60 years +
Usage Interior and Exterior
3rd party accreditation NSAI
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