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Double sided butyl rubber tape from Pro Clima. For external use.


For advice on which airtightness product is best for your project, please contact us on 01484 461705.

  • Durable airtight sealing double-sided butyl rubber tape for sealing around nail and screw penetrations
  • Nail sealing tape on the underside of a lath on inclined roofs to form a durable seal around nail or screw holes.
  • Very good sealing action – penetrates deep into the structure.
  • Water resistant
  • Extra-strong due to a reinforcing layer
  • Contains no bitumen
  • Airtightness Products Pricelist
Material/s Non-ageing, bitumen free butyl rubber.
Temperature Resistance -20°C to +80°C
Roll Width 5cms
Roll Length 20 metres
Life Expectancy 60 years +
Usage Exterior
3rd party accreditation NSAI
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