Pro Clima DUPLEX

Double-sided airtight and moisture resistant sealing tape from Pro Clima.

For advice on which airtightness product is best for your project, please contact us on 01484 461705.
  • Double-sided airtight and moisture resistant sealing tape.
  • Suitable for fixing all Pro Clima vapour checks and airtight membranes, PE/PA/PP and aluminium foils to metal studs.
  • Suitable for windtight and moisture proof sealing of external membranes.
  • For affixing membrane to metal sections in dry construction.
  • For rain-proof taping of roof underlay (e.g., SOLITEX PLUS).
  • Quick and easy to apply using the Duplex hand dispenser.
  • With release foil
  • Sealing membrane to membrane


Material/s Acrylate which is free of solvents or softeners
Temperature Resistance -40°C to 90°C
Roll Width 2.5 cms
Roll Length 20 metres
Life Expectancy 60 years +
Usage Interior and Exterior
3rd party accreditation NSAI
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