Airflush waterless urinal system

Unique consumable-free waterless urinal system. Low energy fan eliminates odour by creating negative pressure system.

  • Completely waterless
  • No consumables
  • Low energy fan
  • Eliminates odour
  • Designed for robust and maintenance-free operation
  • Proven track record of robust operation in high usage public facilities
  • Ideally suited to sites with multiple urinal bowls and heavy usage


How it works

The AIRFLUSH® system owes its successful operation to the following:

No individual traps

Individual traps are a maintenance headache and invariably leak once dismantled for unblocking. The Airflush system eliminates individual traps and uses a single easily cleaned trap at the drain end.

Negative pressure system

Without individual traps convection currents could cause odour problems but the Airflush system uses a low wattage, long life DC fan to maintain a gentle flow of air down the urinal bowls. The fan power consumption is similar to that of mains powered urinal controllers, i.e. about 3W.

Waste pipes

Wastes are specified at 50mm minimum and installed at 1:18 minimum fall to prevent scale build up.


Key features

Fan: The unique feature of the AIRFLUSH® system is the low-watt on-line fan in the vent pipe. This runs constantly, causing just sufficient air flow at the bowls to remove all odour. The fan uses a very small amount of electricity – about 3W. It is expected to last more than three years. Replacement is simple and inexpensive.

Waste: The branch discharge pipe is installed to a gradient of 1: 18. This allows rapid run-off of the urine. The system has just one running trap. To prevent build-up of sludge this should be flushed out once a week with a litre of water poured down a bowl. If a wash hand basin can discharge to the branch, this will keep the trap flushed.

Vent: Although an existing soil pipe can be used for drainage, the AIRFLUSH® must have a dedicated vent. The terminal, which has Technical dataan anti-downdraught cowl, should be at least 900mm above any openable point on the building which is within 3 metres.

Technical data

Urinal bowl

White vitreous china, wall mounted, bowl type.


Concealed central trap with cleaning eye. 

Note: bowls are not individually trapped.


Specify 50 mm ABS plastic, solvent welded, at 1:18 fall.


Joint between bowl and wall using high modulus silicone sealant.  Colour: white.

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