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Preventing interstitial condensation & mould

Dated: 14/02/2012


Wufi hygrothermal modelling

Green Building Store will be hosting two WUFI® modelling training seminars in April 2012, which will help architects and building professionals to understand and model moisture movement in buildings, predicting risks of interstitial condensation and associated mould growth. The seminars  will be ideal for those wanting to ensure that high level retrofit does not cause damage to the building or the health of the occupants and will involve hands-on training in modelling hygrothermal (heat & moisture) transfer in building fabric.

Building life consultancy logoGreen Building Store, is hosting the WUFI® training in partnership with Joseph Little of Building Life Consultancy, Dublin and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

  • Standard WUFI® Pro modelling – 18th-19th April 2012
  • WUFI® 2D training – 23rd-24th April 2012

More information is at:–wufi-modelling-training.html

14th February 2012

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