Denby Dale Passivhaus 5 years on

What is like living in a Passivhaus?

The Denby Dale Passivhaus in West Yorkshire was one of the first Passivhaus buildings in the UK and was the first to be built using cavity wall construction. The house have now been occupied for over 5 years now. A new film gives an update on how occupants Geoff and Kate Tunstall are finding living in it, including whether they, or design and build project leaders Green Building Store,  would do anything differently now. The film also makes a strong and passionate case for Passivhaus to be adopted up by national policy-makers.

The case for Government support for Passivhaus

Chris Herring, Green Building Store Director commented:

“There has been no official support from Government for Passivhaus and yet despite that there are now thousands of units on site in the UK. Local government and social housing providers are really picking Passivhaus up and seeing how important it is.

Along with the many other Passivhaus projects completed in the UK, the Denby Dale Passivhaus has really demonstrated that Passivhaus works. Passivhaus homes and buildings are both comfortable and highly efficient.

In the UK we have a policy vacuum, we have no policy for delivering really energy efficient buildings and that’s where Passivhaus comes in. Passivhaus could really make the difference it if became part of our national policy.”

Geoff Tunstall, co-owner of the Denby Dale Passivhaus, added:

“This house is proof of what’s possible for very little extra cost. It’s warm, it’s comfortable, it’s sustainable. That’s what we would like to see politicians pick up, acknowledge and run with. I’d be more than pleased for politicians to come and visit our house and see what is possible, because this is the future”.

4th February 2016

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