MVHR systems for 6 out of 7 Passivhaus Awards 2016 Finalists Green Building Store

MVHR systems for 6 out of 7 Passivhaus Awards 2016 Finalists

Green Building Store’s MVHR Design Service is delighted and proud to have designed and supplied MVHR systems for 6 out of 7 of the UK Passivhaus Award Finalists:


Chiswick Eco Lodge – RDA Architects

Chiswick Eco Lodge RDA Architects “We’ve used Green Building Store’s MVHR Design Service for many of our projects. Each time we have used them we have found their technical team extremely knowledgeable and hands on. Their expertise means that a contractor can easily install a MVHR system for the first time with no major problems. The quality equipment and service that comes with it means that we’ll certainly be using Green Building Store again!”

Richard Dudzicki, Director of RDA Architects

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Golcar Passivhaus – Green Building Store

Golcar Passivhaus at dusk“The house is very peaceful and quiet, thanks to the insulation and triple glazing. The MVHR system has been hassle-free and it just gets on with ventilating the house and we are not able to hear it (unless it is in boost mode).”

Angie Dallas, Owner

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Lansdowne Drive – Tectonics Architects

Lansdowne Drive Passivhaus Tectonic Architects

WINNER: URBAN category, Passivhaus Awards 2016

“I was initially concerned about the noise of the system but that proved not to be an issue at all. It is very quiet , we can’t hear it at all. The MVHR system is also very easy to operate and maintain and that the air quality is fantastic.”

Bernard Tulkens, Tectonics Architects

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Lime Tree Passivhaus – Parsons + Whittley Architects

Lime Tree Passivhaus project with MVHR system from Green Building Store“With Green Building Store we know we have probably the country’s most knowledgeable and experienced MVHR suppliers and designers so we can be sure that this aspect of the design has been properly considered. At the Lime Tree Passivhaus we also used a Green Building Store accredited installer so that we could be sure the whole process delivered the designed performance.”

Dan Higginbotham, Parsons + Whittley Architects

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Meeting House Lane – Anne Thorne Architects

PROGRESSION windows at Meeting House Lane Passivhaus “The MVHR system has worked without a hitch and is operating smoothly and quietly.. It’s really important when a client has never experienced permanent ventilation before, that it works well, is easy to use and is effectively inaudible”. 

Fran Bradshaw, Anne Thorne Architects

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The Old Water Tower – Gresford Architects

Old Water Tower, Berkshire, UK. Design by Gresford Architects, 2015.“Working with Green Building Store has been an enjoyable process and I am pleased with how the MVHR system works, so I will definitely come back to Green Building Store for forthcoming projects”.

Francisco Cerezuela, Gresford Architects

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12th July 2016

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