International Passive House Conference 2014, Aachen Germany

Cre8 Barn Stirley Farm EnerPHit at dusk

Green Building Store Director Chris Herring attended the International Passive House conference in Aachen this year and made a presentation in Session XVI entitled: “EnerPHit barn conversion: achieving high thermal performance & structural stability”.

Here is a link to the presentation – Stirley Barn International Passivhaus Conference poster presentation

We also also wanted to note a correction to the related  Poster entry to Conference Proceedings booklet. Unfortunately an incorrect graph for the WUFI analysis of the Ventilated cavity was included in the text (p. 622).

The correct graphs are below.

Ventilated cavity:

Wufi ventilated cavity at Cre8 Barn, Stirley Farm

Wufi ventilated cavity at Cre8 Barn, Stirley Farm

Unventilated cavity:

WUFI analysis unventilated cavity at Stirley Farm

Detailed reports of the WUFI analysis on the project are at:


Free resources on the project are available at:

29th April 2014

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