Improving airtightness around windows

Question: We are building an extension on our stone cottage and are getting triple glazed windows for the extension and existing building. We want to ensure good airtightness around the new windows. What measures do you recommend that our builder undertakes when fitting the windows?

Pro Clima CONTEGA SOLIDO SL airtightness tape

Answer: In the new extension I would suggest that you use an airtightness tape such as Contega Solido SL which will create an airtightness barrier between the window and the wall. The tape should be stuck to both the side of the window and the internal masonry wall, which can then be plastered over.

For the existing stone cottage, ideally you should remove the plaster around the window reveals and then use the Contega Solido SL tape in the same way, plastering over the tape afterwards. However, I realise that this is quite a messy/ costly process, which would work well if you are already hacking off the plaster/ adding internal wall insulation or doing other major changes.

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