Global Climate Strike 20/09/19: The world’s largest climate mobilisation

Bill Butcher Global Climate Strike Bangor

Green Building Store Directors and staff attended Global Climate Strike events in Huddersfield, Leeds, London and Bangor on Friday 20 September 2019, as part of the world’s largest climate mobilisation to date. The company had encouraged staff to attend, including paying them if they took time off to take part in climate strike actions.

We all need to do much more to address the climate emergency and this is just a start but it was good to be able to support the youth climate strikers on the day. 

Here are some of our highlights:

Chris Herring speaking at Huddersfield Global Climate Strike

Chris Herring speaking at Huddersfield Global Climate Strike

Chris Herring, Green Building Store Director, spoke at the Huddersfield rally saying:

“We need to understand that this is a real emergency for human beings and for all life on earth.  If we don’t despair at times then we have probably not properly understood the enormity of the problem. But we all need to have faith.  We need to have faith in each other, we need to have faith in young people and we need to have faith in life itself.


I’m here as a local businessman from a small business specialising in low energy and Passivhaus building. We have given our staff the opportunity to join the climate strike and not lose pay. We need businesses to call for action on the climate crisis and support the youth strikers.”


Bill Butcher, Director of Green Building Store, said:

It was inspiring to see so much commitment from the young people of Bangor #ClimateStrike plus a few oldies like us”.



Abi Anderson, Green Building Store’s airtightness expert, attended the Global Climate Strike event at Bethnal Green: 

“Thank you to Green Building Store Directors for making it easy for us to be able to attend the Global Climate Strike, it was FANTASTIC!”

Paul Smith, Passivhaus Consultant at Green Building Store attended the Huddersfield rally:

“Our house is on fire — let’s act like it. Climate justice for everyone.”


Camilla Govan, Business Development Manager at Green Building Store was at the Huddersfield Strike with her two teenage children:

“I was already going to take the day off to join the strike so I appreciate Green Building Store supporting the strike and paying us for attending.  Hopefully we also helped inspire some other businesses to do the same.” 

Chayley at Huddersfield Global Climate StrikeChayley Collis, Green Building Store’s Communications Manager was at the Huddersfield Strike with her teenage son: 

“Friday’s #GlobalClimateStrike was inspiring and uplifting – to have so many people out on the streets in Huddersfield calling for action. It was Huddersfield’s biggest climate mobilisation to date, joining 4 million others across the planet. Well done to everyone who came and especially the schoolchildren taking a day out from school to be there. MUCH more action and mobilisation obviously needs to happen but Friday’s #GlobalClimateStrike has sent a strong signal to politicians that there is ever-growing public support for urgent climate action.”


Luke Gilman, Manager of Green Building Store’s Windows Department also attended the Huddersfield event: 

“It was good to hear a mixture of people of different ages and backgrounds coming together to raise awareness of the issue. I think that really helped get the message across to people who aren’t already aware of the problems. Had it been 15 people all from the same background talking I don’t think it would have held people’s attention the same way. Seeing children talking to the crowds caught people’s attention, and then following them with councillors really worked. “


Rikki  Jarnot, MVHR Designer at Green Building Store, attended Huddersfield’s Global Climate Strike and helped out as a steward:

“I’m glad the company gave us the opportunity to join the fight for our future. Viva la resistance!”.


There are more strikes planned for Friday 27 September around the world. For the next steps after the Global Climate Strike go to:


25th September 2019

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