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Gapotape partners with Green Building Store to overcome the ‘performance gap’ with rigid insulation boards


Green Building Store has been appointed the UK distributor for the award-winning, innovative insulation product, Gapotape. This unique yet simple combination of foil and foam tape, is specifically designed to eliminate the performance gap and form a thermal seal around the edges of rigid insulation panels in floors, roofs and walls. According to the BBA (British Board Agrément) report: “When Gapotape is installed around the perimeter of PIR ridged insulation boards, with no air gaps and a tight fit on all four sides, the correction level 0 for air voids can be used when calculating U-values to BS EN ISO 6946.”

Bill Butcher, Director of Green Building Store commented: “Gapotape offers a beautifully simple solution to a massive problem in UK construction. Everyone in the industry is aware of the practical problems of installing PIR insulation to create a tight fit. What people may be less aware of is the impact on thermal performance of this ill-fitting insulation. Gapotape helps plug that ‘Performance Gap’, and is easily installed on site. It is exactly the sort of innovative and pragmatic solution for low energy building that Green Building Store aims to put forward to help improve the thermal performance of UK construction.”

Paul Rogers, Director at Gapotape, said: “Green Building Store has a national reputation for supplying high performance products for low energy buildings. Gapotape fits really well with their product portfolio and we are delighted that they will be acting as our distributor in the UK. Their technical knowledge and customer service makes them a perfect partner for Gapotape.”

Until now, rigid insulation has been impossible to install between rafters, studs and joists without air gaps as even the most meticulous installations suffer from inevitable shrinkage, warping and movement of the timber elements. This means that the ‘as built’ U-value of rigid insulation is much less than its ‘as specified’ U-value. At the moment, this performance gap is affecting the thermal performance of buildings around the UK and is costing consumers a significant amount in wasted heating costs. Gapotape can be applied to PIR rigid insulation boards as well as to rigid EPS, XPS and phenolic panels.

Gapotape improving airtightness and performance of rigid insulation board installationBackground

Green Building Store has been supplying pioneering sustainable building products since 1995. The company supplies a range of specialist products and services for Passivhaus and low energy projects, including triple glazed timber windows and doors, MVHR heat recovery ventilation, insulation, airtightness and water saving products.  Its construction division Green Building Company built the pioneering Denby Dale Passivhaus and refurbished the Stirley Farm EnerPHit  project for Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and has recently completed the Golcar Passivhaus and Cumberworth radical retrofit projects.

Gapotape was designed and is manufactured by Gapogroup Ltd. The easy to handle tape can be used to create thermal seals on floors, the rigid insulation panels with a stud walls and roofs. The use of Gapotape maintains the thermal seal of the building, mitigating the need for additional air tight membranes.  The tape is installed with a simple three stage process; peel, position, push.  In 2015, it was winner of the Best Innovation in Insulation at the Build It Awards and in 2016  received Best interior Building product Architecture Expo, Dublin

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22nd May 2019

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