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Energy Performance Modelling

Our Energy Performance Modelling service uses Design PH, a simplified form of Passivhaus Planning Package PHPP, to provide an energy balance calculation of your home. Modelling your home in Design PH will help you understand the energy performance of your building as designed and help you achieve the best in energy efficiency. 

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The service is ideal for those concerned about energy efficiency, whether or not you are intending to reach advanced energy standards such as Passivhaus or AECB Building Standard. The service will give a good indication of the performance of your building as designed, without the fully detailed modelling in PHPP required for those standards.

What you will get from the modelling:

  • Find out the projected energy performance of your self-build project
  • Understand any overheating issues so that they can be addressed at the design stage
  • Predict your heating need and enable you to choose the most suitable sized heating system for your project
  • Help you choose appropriate products for your project eg which windows (and U values) are best for your requirements
  • Discover if your building has scope to achieve building standards such as AECB, EnerPHit and Passivhaus


Newbuild projects: £500 + VAT+

Retrofit/ refurbishment projects: Please send us your drawings and we will supply a quote

Discount for Green Building Store Window & MVHR customers

 If you are buying Green Building Store triple glazed windows/ doors and MVHR for your low energy project, you will receive a £250 discount* on the energy performance modelling of your building. This is part of our commitment to helping you make your building energy efficient, and to ensure you find the most appropriate products for your project. 

To find out more, please contact [email protected]



+ We reserve the right to refuse this price structure on projects if they are especially unusual or complex.

* The discount will be administered when  Green Building Store has received a combined whole house order for Green Building Store Energy Performance Modelling/ windows/ doors and MVHR systems. 

The information provided in the reports is indicative only, using modelling in Design PH and PHPP.  For customers wanting a full version of PHPP, to the level required by Passivhaus certification, then additional consultancy fees would apply.

The information provided in our reports will be based on the accuracy of the information you have provided. This includes your predicted building airtightness level. 


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