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Eco-refurb for West Yorkshire bus stations

Dated: 19/07/2010

  • Green Building Store helps Metro cut water use by up to 40% and save thousands of pounds a year with revolutionary new washroom facilities
  • Huddersfield bus station saves £7.5K a year using these water-saving products (£6.5K through water saving and £1K in washroom maintenance savings)
  • Move follows similar improvements by Green Building Store at Metro’s bus stations in Dewsbury and Halifax.

Dewsbury bus stationFindings revealed today (Tuesday 20th July 2010) show that Metro has made dramatic water and cost savings as a result of water-saving refurbishments undertaken at
its Dewsbury, Halifax and Huddersfield bus stations. Following the installation of Green Building Store’s  water-saving WCs and urinals at the three bus stations,
water consumption has dropped by up to 40%, with dramatic cost savings both in terms of water savings and maintenance costs.

Installation of Green Building Store’s ES4 4 litre flush WCs and Airflush waterless urinal system at the bus stations has taken place between 2007-2009 with the most
recent refurbishment occurring at Huddersfield. Huddersfield bus station is the busiest in West Yorkshire, with over 33,000 people passing through
every day. A major washroom refurbishment was carried out by Metro in 2009 to resolve a number of maintenance issues. Saving water was also a priority, as part of Metro’s environment and sustainability policy.

Huddersfield Bus Station Manager Helen Schofield said:
“The previous toilets were getting blocked regularly and we had to call out a maintenance contractor to unblock them about once a month. This was costing upwards of £100  per time and causing disruption to passengers. We were also struggling to eliminate odour problems”.

Huddersfield bus stationIn February 2009 Huddersfield’s washrooms were replaced by 9 ES4 WCs and 6 Airflush urinals from Green Building Store’s water-saving products range. In the year since installation, the results have been dramatic.

Huddersfield Bus Station Manager Helen Schofield added:
“Since Green Building Store water-saving WCs and urinals have been installed, Huddersfield bus station has cut its water consumption by a massive 38 per cent, and slashed  maintenance costs – saving a total of  £7500 in the first year. In addition, there have also been no toilet blockages reported at Huddersfield bus station in the year since the water efficient ES4 WCs were installed, resulting in a reduction in emergency washroom maintenance costs by 79 per cent in the year since the Green Building Store products were installed. The initial cost of purchase of the water-saving products has been more than paid back by savings in water and maintenance bills within the first year of installation”.

The refurbishment has also resolved the odour problem caused by the old urinals. The Airflush urinals from Green Building Store have a revolutionary waterless system, which doesn’t need any consumables, cartridges or oils. Instead it combines an ergonomically designed urinal bowl with a small integral low wattage fan, which creates negative pressure, maintaining a gentle flow of air down the urinal bowls and removing all odour.

Green Building Store’s water-efficient ES4 toilet works by having an ultra low 4 litre flush combined with a robust siphon  flush mechanism, so the toilets will never leak water down the pan (unlike conventional low flush WCs which use valve flush mechanisms). It has a Swedish-designed toilet pan, specially designed to work effectively with low flush volume, combined with a British-made cistern. The WC is on the Government’s Water Technology list, and has also been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Ms Schofield concluded:
“Installing the ES4 WCs and Airflush urinals from Green Building Store has been an excellent move forward for Huddersfield bus station. As well as saving money
and time we have eliminated the washroom maintenance problems we were encountering. I would definitely recommend them to other bus station managers and passenger transport executives and hope that more bus stations follow Metro’s example.”

The Huddersfield bus station improvements follow on from a successful pilot scheme at Metro’s Dewsbury bus station, where Green Building Store ‘s water-saving WCs and urinals resulted in water bill savings of 40 per cent. The products have also been used at Halifax bus station, and Metro is now in the process of rolling out Green Building Store’s water-saving products to other bus stations in the region, including Leeds and Keighley.

Green Building Store has just launched a water-saving washroom pack, which includes the ES4 WC and Airflush urinal, as well as a range of water-saving taps, ideal for washroom situations. For more information, go to: or Tel: 01484 461705.


Notes for the Editor

1. Green Building Store is a specialist manufacturer/ supplier of innovations for sustainable building, including water saving products. It won a Queen’s Award for
Enterprise: Sustainable Development 2009.
Green Building Store, Heath House Mill, Heath House Lane, Golcar, Huddersfield HD7 4JW
Tel: 01484 461705; Fax: 01484 653765;

2. Number of ES4 WCs and Airflush urinals installed by Green Building Store for Metro with savings:

Bus station        ES4 WCs         Airflush urinals    % Water savings
Dewsbury            9                          5                                    40
Huddersfield        9                          6                                    38
Halifax                  5                          3                                    27

3.  Huddersfield bus station savings

  • £6,551.26  cut in water bill per annum 2009-10.
  • Water charges = approximately £2.50 per m3 of water (source: Yorkshire Water)
  • 2620.50 m3 water saved in the 12  months since installation (compared to previous 12 months). 2620.50 X £2.50 = £6551.26
  • £949.84 cut in emergency maintenance call-out bill per annum 2009-10
  • Annual total cost savings = £7.5K
  • Cost of water-saving products from Green Building Store £4078.67. This price does not include VAT or installation costs.
19th July 2010

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