Eco-loo gets official thumbs up! Green Building Store

Eco-loo gets official thumbs up!

Householders can now buy a low water-use WC with confidence, thanks to the ES4 WC, available from Green Building Store. In addition to being exceptionally water-efficient, the ES4 has recently become one of the very few WCs on the UK market to have received official approval from the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). This means that the  ES4 has received independent WRAS verification as to its compliance with the Government’s stringent new Water Regulations covering flush volume and performance.

With its ultra-low flush of 4 litres, the ES4 easily surpasses the Water Regulations’ new maximum flush volume for WCs of 6 litres. At the same time, the  ES4 also sailed through the WRAS tests to prove flushing performance and effectiveness,  proving that environmental credibility does not need to come at the expense of efficacy. Ergonomic design and precision engineering means that the ES4 works very effectively even with an ultra-low flush volume.

Developed by water conservation specialists Elemental Solutions, the ES4 is the most water-efficient siphon-flush WC available in the UK. Other currently available low-flush WCs use dual flush valve technology to achieve average flush volumes of less than 6 litres. Whilst these appear to offer similar water savings to the ES4, the valve mechanisms can jam and will eventually leak, leading to water wastage. Valve flush WCs are also relatively unfamiliar in the UK and require specialist maintenance.

WCs represent the largest use of water in homes, at around 30-40% of all domestic water use. Water consumption in the UK is on the increase and the effects of climate change and water shortages (even in Britain) mean that there is an increasing need to conserve and carefully manage our water supplies. Where water is metered, there are also financial costs connected with our use of water.

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19th November 2002

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