Dewsbury Bus Station, West Yorkshire

Dewsbury bus station
“The most significant change since having the new urinals installed has been the removal of odours. I must admit, we had some initial concerns about installing waterless systems but we felt it was very important to reduce our environmental impact. Now they are installed, we have no regrets at all – as well as saving water we also stand to be making substantial cost savings and passengers are happier – so they have been a success all round.”

Phil Burton – Mechanical & Electrical Officer for Metro

 In 2007 Metro revolutionised its bus station facilities in Dewsbury by introducing state-of-the-art water-efficient 9 ES4 WCs and 5 AIRFLUSH® waterless urinals from Green Building Store. The installation has been a great success, with water usage readings showing monthly water savings of approximately 40% and the annual spend on water expected to be significantly reduced.

Previously, the management team at Dewsbury had received frequent complaints from passengers regarding unpleasant odours caused by the urinals, which were also outdated and wasting water. Since installing the new facilities, complaints of this nature are a thing of the past and maintenance is no longer an ongoing problem.

The new facilities are also helping Metro to meet GERSHON efficiency targets and the Comprehensive Spending Review targets of improving efficiency by 3% per annum. Metro also has its own active environmental policy and all bus stations must meet water and energy efficiency targets.

Following on from the success of the refurbishment at Dewsbury bus station, Metro has installed the ES4 WCs and Airflush urinals from Green Building Store at Huddersfield and Halifax bus stations.

Case study: 2010

Client: Metro

1st February 2010

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