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CSH water savings!

New water-efficient range to meet Code for Sustainable Homes requirements

Specialist sustainable building products supplier Green Building Store is launching at Ecobuild (Tuesday 3rd March 2009) a new package of water-saving products which can help specifiers achieve Level 3 & 4 in the Water category of Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). Green Building Store’s CSH package contains water-saving WCs, wash basin taps, kitchen taps, shower fittings and baths and can reduce water consumption to less than 103 litres/person/day.

The Code for Sustainable Homes contains mandatory requirements for water consumption. To attain levels 3 & 4 of the Code, homes must have a target water consumption of less than (or equal to) 105 litres/ person/ day. Green Building Store’s CSH package uses a judicious combination of water saving technologies to help specifiers meet this goal easily.

The new Ecocomfort bath, introduced by Green Building Store as part of the CSH pack, offers a robust commonsense solution to water-efficiency. Designed to contain only 140 litres when filled to capacity, it has been carefully designed to taper to fit the human form, offering a perfectly adequate but reduced volume bath. The Ecocomfort bath can help specifiers who don’t want to get rid of baths altogether but who are working to the strict requirements of the Code.

Other elements of the CSH package have also been designed to offer robust and long-lasting water savings. Green Building Store favours the use of leak-free ES4 siphon flush WCs over valve flush WCs which can leak water imperceptibly down the back of WC pan when the valve fails or wears out. It also aims to offer products which are not obviously water-efficient in performance – in other words products which can be used without causing user frustration or feelings of inadequate flow. For example, 6 litre shower aerators in the CSH pack are designed to offer the feeling of a powerful shower, while kitchen taps offer a high enough flow rate for washing up or filling a kettle.

Green Building Store’s water-efficient products and CSH Level 4 package (including Ecocomfort bath) will be showcased at Ecobuild the sustainable design exhibition (Earl’s Court, London 3 – 5 March, Green Building Store, stand 1833).

For more information on Green Building Store’s new CSH package go to: ring: 01484 461705.

3rd March 2009

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