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Golcar Passivhaus: Door thresholds

ompacfoam Door Threshold Installation Detail

Blog featuring 3D diagram showing door threshold detailing at Golcar Passivhaus, including use of Compacfoam rigid thermoplastic insulation.

13th March 2017

Golcar Passivhaus: UK Passivhaus Awards Finalist

UK Passivhaus Awards 2016

Blog sharing airtightness testing and final certification figures on the Golcar Passivhaus project, including client feedback and monitoring plans.

20th July 2016

Golcar Passivhaus: MVHR & heating

Golcar Passivhaus UK Passivhaus Award 2016 finalist

Bill Butcher looks at ways in which we dealt with the heating and MVHR strategy at Golcar Passivhaus, building on lessons learnt at the Denby Dale Passivhaus project.

19th January 2015

Golcar Passivhaus: The roof

Rooflight at Golcar Passivhaus

Blog outlining the insulation & airtightness strategy for the warm ‘cathedral’ roof at the Golcar Passivhaus project, including rooflight strategy.

17th July 2014

Golcar Passivhaus: Windows & doors

Progression Passivhaus certified timber window at Golcar Passivhaus

Blog looking at the window and door detailing at the Golcar newbuild Passivhaus project, including measures to improve airtightness and thermal bridging.

9th June 2014

Golcar Passivhaus: Ground floor & foundations

Golcar Passivhaus ground floor and foundations detailing. Copyright Green Building Store 2014

Blog looking at the insulation and airtightness strategies used for the ground floor detailing at the Golcar Passivhaus cavity wall newbuild project.

9th May 2014

The Golcar Passivhaus – Denby Dale Passivhaus mark 2!

Golcar Passivhaus under construction

Blog on the Golcar Passivhaus newbuild cavity wall 3 bed house, which follows many of the design details of our first cavity wall Passivhaus – the Denby Dale Passivhaus – but with a few notable evolutions of the original detailing.

24th February 2014

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