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The Old Forge Cottage Passivhaus, Leeds

Old Forge Cottage Passivhaus Leeds with PERFORMANCE triple glazed timber windows and doors

Old Forge Cottage is a newbuild 3 bedroom home located in a rural village north of Leeds, certified to the Passivhaus standard. Green Building Store supplied the triple glazed timber PERFORMANCE windows and doors and MVHR heat recovery ventilation system for the project.

15th October 2018

Roundhay Passivhaus, Leeds

Roundhay Passivhaus with PROGRESSION windows and ULTRA windows & doors

Contemporary family house in Leeds aiming for Passivhaus certification. Green Building Store supplied triple glazed timber windows and doors, from its ULTRA and PROGRESSION ranges, for the project, as well as designing, supplying and commissioning the MVHR system.

8th October 2018

Connect Housing Boggart Hill project, Leeds

Boggart Hill Connect Housing project Leeds

Green Building Store designed, supplied and commissioned the MVHR mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system to Connect Housing’s 10 unit social housing development, certified to the Passivhaus Institut’s Low Energy Building Standard (LEBS).

14th August 2018

Low energy newbuild, Yorkshire

ULTRA triple glazed timber windows and doors at low energy selfbuild project Yorkshire

Green Building Store supplies ULTRA triple glazed timber windows and Lift & Slide Doors, MVHR Design and Consultancy services for innovative project.

4th July 2018

High Trees low energy newbuild project, Yorkshire

High Trees Yorkshire with MVHR ventilation from Green Building Store

Green Building Store supplies and designs the MVHR system for low energy family home, designed using ‘fabric first’ principles.

1st July 2018

Passivhaus office for Swann Edwards Architecture

Swann Edwards Passivhaus Office with PROGRESSION windows

Green Building Store supplies PROGRESSION windows and designs MVHR system for Swann Edwards own Passivhaus-certified offices.

1st May 2018

Preston Springs Passivhaus

Preston Springs Passivhaus_Self Build project - Mark Siddall, LEAP Architecture

Newbuild Passivhaus project featuring Green Building Store’s triple glazed windows and doors, MVHR ventilation systems and airtightness products.

7th March 2018

Somerset Passivhaus

MVHR system at Somerset Passivhaus project. Copyright: Rob Franklin

Green Building Store desiged, supplied and commissioned the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system for a certified Passivhaus project in Somerset.

12th February 2018

Kingsley Passivhaus

ULTRA triple glazed timber windows at Kingsley Passivhaus

Green Building Store’s triple glazed timber windows/doors, MVHR system, Pro Clima airtightness products & PHPP services chosen for extensive energy efficient refurbishment.

7th February 2018

Archer Lane, Sheffield

PERFORMANCE triple glazed timber windows at Archer Lane newbuild project Sheffield. Photo: Duncan Wiggins

Green Building Store’s PERFORMANCE triple glazed timber windows & doors and MVHR design service chosen for Sheffield contemporary low energy newbuild home.

18th January 2018

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