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Approved MVHR installer scheme launched

Approved MVHR installer Green Building StoreTo avoid noise, inefficiency and indoor air quality problems, it is important to get the design, installation and commissioning of MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) systems right. Green Building Store ‘s MVHR Design Service offers MVHR design, supply and commissioning. For installation, Green Building Store has now developed a list of tried and tested installers to ensure that its MVHR systems are  installed correctly to achieve optimum performance.

Nell Griffiths Manager of Green Building Store’s MVHR Design Service commented: “MVHR heat recovery ventilation plays a vital role in delivering Passivhaus and low energy buildings. Too often MVHR systems get a bad press due to either poor installation, poor design or substitutions made further down the design process as a result of value engineering. We are confident that our MVHR systems and design, combined with installation by our excellent MVHR approved installers, will result in robust, quiet and efficient MVHR heat recovery ventilation systems.”

Rectory Cottage EnerPHit MVHR systemCurrently there are four companies listed on Green Building Store’s Approved MVHR installers list covering a wide geographical area.

Green Building Store operates a quality control check on any approved installers and has  been able to check their installation quality, by commissioning the Green Building Store MVHR systems for a minimum of two installations.

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27th June 2016

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