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Consultancy service

Green Building Store’s consultancy service offers a wide range of service or package of services for building professionals to help projects meet low energy building standards, whatever your expertise and objectives.

  • Design & Energy Reviews at early planning stages
  • Passivhaus Planning Package PHPP modelling + preparation for certification
  • Outsourcing of PHPP + PHPP peer review for Passivhaus designers
  • 2D Thermal Bridge Analysis
  • WUFI hygrothermal modelling


Golcar Passivhaus at dusk

Technical expertise

Bill Butcher, Director, Green Building StoreOur team has gained unrivalled expertise in low energy building methodology, starting in 1992 with the Longwood Low energy house and recent pioneering Denby Dale and Golcar Passivhaus projects through to radical retrofit projects such as the multi award-winning Cre8 Barn EnerPHit project.

We have also been involved with a wide range of Passivhaus and low energy projects throughout the UK, offering consultancy, training and technical product support.

Design Review

Review of your early stage drawings/ plans.

Drawing on our Passivhaus building expertise, the review would look at:

  • overall building design
  • options for materials, products & services
  • risks around moisture

The design review would involve a 2 hour meeting in person or via Skype with Bill Butcher and/or Paul Smith. The review would ideally involve both architect and client.

Typical costs: 2 hour meeting @ £250 + VAT

Initial Energy Review

How would your design perform?

Passivhaus Planning Package software (PHPP) helps us assess the impact of your design choices before a single brick is laid. This package gives you a report on the expected energy performance of the building with the option of looking at the effect of different design permutations eg more insulation, different windows, different opening sizes and locations. Modelling a project in PHPP also helps evaluate the costs of different approaches to meet Passivhaus and low energy performance levels and could help answer the following:

  • What heating would be needed?
  • What is the overheating risk?
  • What changes are worth considering?
  • How does the existing design match Passivhaus requirements or your project objectives?


Denby Dale Passivhaus PHPP

Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP)

Let us be your Passivhaus consultant!

PHPP is some of the most robust building software available, allowing our experts to help you design buildings offering exceptional levels of comfort and energy savings. The PHPP software helps us model your project to meet the requirements for certification to the exacting Passivhaus and EnerPHit standards.

Our PHPP service is ideal for architectural practices that are looking to outsource their PHPP modelling. We can also offer a peer review service for your PHPP. Our experience PHPP practitioner Paul Smith could offer a second pair of eyes to examine your PHPP spreadsheet and query any unexpected entries.


Avoiding moisture issues

Moisture build-up and interstitial condensation are a growing concern for retrofit and even newbuild projects. Through our experience working on radical retrofits, we can advise on detailing and the most suitable building materials to avoid problems with moisture build-up, for example internal wall insulation for retrofit projects.

We now also offer specialist WUFI hygrothermal modelling to offer you peace of mind that your project is going to achieve the standards you expect and ensure that the building fabric is not at risk  from moisture issues.


Wufi hygrothermal modelling
Reducing thermal bridging "D Thermal Bridge Analysis

Reducing thermal bridging

Thermal bridges in highly insulated buildings contribute an additional heat loss from a building’s fabric of up to 30%. Let our team of experts design out any thermal bridges at the drawing board, using 2D Thermal Bridge Analysis.  We carry out detailed analysis, using specialist software, to ensure problematic junctions have minimal impact on thermal performance and safeguard against condensation and mould growth issues.

Meet the team

In addition to our practical building experience, we have extensive technical knowledge with our in-house Passivhaus certified Consultants. We use our in-depth knowledge of the exemplar Passivhaus methodology to help deliver the best performance to any level of build.

We work with a wide network of individuals and institutions, with a broad range of knowledge and skill sets, to ensure we can cover all aspects of any project.

Paul Smith: ACIOB, Senior Construction Technician, Certified Passivhaus Consultant, Green Building Store

Paul Smith:
Certified Passive House Consultant, ACIOB

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Bill Butcher, Director, Green Building Store

Bill Butcher:
Director & Project Leader, BSc, ICIOB

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