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ULTRA triple glazed French doors at Passivhaus retrofit project

Triple glazed timber French doors, tilt & slide, lift & slide, bi-fold doors from the ULTRA range, with insulated frame option,  for low energy & Passivhaus projects.

French doors

Double doors that usually open outwards.

Maximum size: 2500mm x 2300mm (maximum 1250mm for each door leaf)

Fold aside doors

bi-fold fold aside doors

Concertina style door that can open the whole span of the opening. External handles as standard.

Maximum height: 2300mm

Maximum width: Three leaf 2600mm + 900mm for any additional leafs

Lift & slide doors

lift & slide door

Lift & slide doors have two panes, where usually one pane of the door can slide. To special order, you can have a door where both panes can slide. Come with internal handles only.

Maximum size: 2500mm (individual leaf width) x 2500mm

Tilt & slide doors

tilt & slide door

Tilt & slide doors where one pane of the door is fixed and the other slides behind it. Come with internal handles only.

Maximum size: 2000mm wide (per leaf) x 2300mm high.

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